“Save Water”-Ways to Save on Water Using Good Faucets

As our world makes it way towards global warming, it is even more important to conserve water when using a kitchen faucet and not waste water. Fresh water is limited in the world and if we waste it every day, our future might end up with no fresh water for their survival. So, how can you save water when using a faucet? There are a few ways in which your faucet can help you in saving water, we have mentioned a few of the top ways below:

Pause feature on the faucets

One of the best ways to save water is by getting a kitchen faucet which comes with a pause feature. A lot of kitchen faucets come with a pause button which allows then to pause the flow of water so when they are doing other tasks so as to not waste water. It is effortless and convenient and you will find this pause button of the faucet wand. So, now whenever you are washing your dishes and you need to soap up your utensils first, you don’t need to let your water keep running, you can simply pause it and resume the water flow later on.

Hands-free faucet

Another amazing way to conserve water is by getting the hands-free faucets which only dispenses water when it detects some movement in front of its sensor else it remains shut off. Many companies make Hands-free faucet, you can check some best touchless kitchen faucets here.This is a good way to ensure that your faucet will dispense water only when you need and will immediately shut off when you aren’t using it anymore.

Switching between stream and spray option

Another interesting way to conserve water is by using the stream and spray option in your faucet. Moen Kitchen Faucets give this function. Some more faucets come with a feature where it allows the users to change the faucet mode from stream to spray which makes it easier to clean while not wasting water. This is because when you just need to pour a little water on your utensils, you don’t need to use the stream flow anymore. The spray flow is more than enough for it.

Turning off the faucet when not in use

A good quality faucet will allow you to handle it easily making it convenient to turn it off and on whenever you want. So, look for faucets which come with an easy to turn on/off feature or comes with an automatic shut-off feature. This will help you in saving water when you accidentally leave your house without turning off the kitchen faucet.

Adjusting the aerator fpm

Another great way to conserve water is by adjusting the aerator so that the water flow can be adjusted to ensure that too much water is not being wasted. You can make sure that the water flow remains in the ideal range without wasting any water while using it. It is quite easy to adjust the aerator settings too which makes this one of the best ways to conserve water.

Breads, Chicken




1 pc Boule bread (round bread), whole wheat preferred

1 pc Egg, slightly beaten

1 cup Lite Mayonnaise

¼ kilo Chicken Breast, boiled and cubed

½ cup Carrot, cubed

½ cup Sweet Peas

¾ cup Green Beans, cut by inch slices and blanched

¾ cup Sour Cream

1 cup Cheddar Cheese, grated

3 slices Quick Melt Cheese


  1. Cut 1-inch thick slice of the Boule top and scoop out inside of bread leaving ¼ inch shell.
  2. Toast crumbs.
  3. In a mixing bowl, mix together egg, toasted crumbs, boiled chicken, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and mayo.
  4. Put back inside Boule shell and top with Quick melting cheese.  Cover with foil.
  5. In a 350 degrees Fahrenheit preheated oven, put in Boule atop baking sheet.
  6. Bake for 30-45 minutes or until cheese is melted.
  7. Let stand for 10-20 minutes before slicing.

Serve best with steaming coffee or tea…………


Lemon and Water

Several questions arise when people explained the importance of using lemon for weight loss diet.People ask: How lemon is high-quality for weight loss?or Lemon and Water can lose load fast? The answer to all this skepticism is yes. They help you lose weight.


Lemon and Water Benefits

Lemon and Water are well-known for their vitamin C, you have plenty of it. You have to believe also an excellent detoxifier. Detox your body is by far the most significant phase and throughout the first weight loss program. And he began to drink plenty of water.Take enough water in your body every day is necessary to keep your body effective well because it will help to flush the toxins from the body and other discarded entry wee thing every day tending our meals.But drink lots of water is a little boring for many people. Therefore, I suggest adding a teaspoon or two of lemon juice. This will contribute extensively to the smooth functioning of the body, such as citric acid, which is in them a great detoxifier. The other thing is that this acid is to move the extra fat your body can take advantage of in their everyday work.Ultimately, this means that you lose this extra fat, weight, losing in the process.

lemon and water benefits

Lose 5 pounds per week is achievable if you follow these steps

lemon is good for weight loss

Mix lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water and drink on an empty stomach when you wake up in the morning. This helps move the fat in your body and use it early and take away body fat. If you do it constantly, on a daily basis, you automatically see the results.Besides the use of lemons in your weight loss plan is essential to the exercise, because it goes with the process of weight loss. And if you have built a good exercise regime for herself, help burn fat from your body in motion to build weight mass as well, and apparently the weight loss.The use of honey and lemon also speeds up the process dramatically. Honey is known for its capability to detoxify. And lemon is like the icing on the cake for a wedding cake.

Therefore, changing your diet lifestyle and include Lemon and Water and timing of put into effect in the new.

Have fun! With Lemon and Water

Breads, Chicken, Sandwich

Chikky Pita

Chikky Pita


6 pcs. Pita bread, whole wheat preferred

¼ kilo Chicken Breast

¼ cup Natural Yogurt

1 bulb Onion

1 cup Fresh Red Tomato, sliced

½ cup Cucumber, strip

Salt and pepper

Lettuce (optional)


¼ cup Lite Mayonnaise

½ cup Natural Yogurt

1 Tbsp. Chili Sauce

1 clove Garlic, crushed

½ cup Tomato, diced

Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Marinate chicken in yogurt, salt and pepper for 1 hour.
  2. Cook chicken in griddle pan until both sides well cooked.
  3. Remove from pan and put onion next, cook until fragrant.
  4. Slice chicken into strips.
  5. In a mixing bowl, mix together all ingrfedients for the dressing.
  6. Cut open pita bread and put chicken and dressing.  (may put lettuce if desired)
  7. Serve.